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1.29.18 Today is the relaunch of Therri's Treasures, after some redesigning and reordering of items. I have simplified the catalog numbering system to something more reasonable. I had been using 6 digits for catalog numbers; now there are 5. Why? because I will not be making enough items to justify the extra zero. Also, I have improved and resized the photos so the details are easier to see. I hope you will find what you want for yourself or as gifts. I will also be dedicating a page just for Valentine's day. Watch for it in the next couple of days or so. ♦

1.14.18 Welcome to the new year. I hope you are doing well, and there are so many hopes for 2018 yet to be seen. I have closed all other storefront accounts except this one, as it appeared that listing items in too many places may have been confusing, and anyway I should be using this one almost exclusively to present my jewelry designs and other gifts. ♦

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