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12.14.17 At last, I have reconfigured some features on the site and also lowered some prices. This is the last thing I will do before Christmas; after which I will probably put us on vacation until January 2nd, 2018. Any orders will be shipped as normal. Expect delivery delays during the holiday; USPS has said there will be some, though if it turns out I need to ship the orders faster I may use Priority Mail. Anyway, have a safe and sane holiday season, and I will welcome your visits on the other side. Thanks. ♦

12.07.17 I have just made some improvements in navigation on the site, and returned my font to my old font. It seems a lot of people can't read the text in serif font, so no serif from now on. Also, I can't guarantee delivery by 12/23, so your order may be delivered after 12/25. The USPS has published its delivery schedule: no deliveries on 12/24 or 12/25, to resume on 12/26 which is the next business day. I don't have any control over that. Depending on the size of your order I can send it to you via Priority Mail, but that's the fastest I can get it to you. Thanks for your patience. ♦

12.02.17 I have just imported all my books and ebooks to the site in their own section, which I have subdivided into Fiction and Nonfiction. Each page includes a link to a text excerpt so you can get an idea how the books are written if the blurbs are not enough. Note that all printed books must be ordered on or before Dec. 8 in order for you to receive them in time for Christmas Eve, which falls on a Sunday this year. After Dec. 8 I can't guarantee that you will get them in time. Each page also features the related ebooks; those will continue to be available through the holidays and beyond. ♦

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