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Welcome to Therri's Treasures™. It is a privately owned studio specializing in handcrafted jewelry and wearable art, as designed and created by me, artisan Therri Moore. I cemented my work by establishing my studio in 1993, after engaging in a consignment display at a gift shop in 1992. My work was so popular that I decided to expand into craft fairs and related conventions. The studio had gone through several experimental name changes until 2006, when the current business name was made permanent. Since then, the body of work has been expanded to the point where the trademark could be adopted.

The Mission: I want to bring wearable art to the fashion scene, in one of a kind and limited editions, with the view to please those who want designs which are artistic in scope and unusual in style. The chief style motifs come from nature, the stars, and other cultural designs. I use a variety of materials, including precious metals, gemstones, crystal, enamels, and other unusual materials, with prices which are meant to be affordable to most. I charge only that which I think is fair to the buyer based on costs of the materials used and the labor involved.
     I had developed my skills over the years since I became interested in Touareg and Bedouin beaded designs and metalwork during a visit to a cultural museum one day in 1990. Since then I had embarked on extensive studies in beadwork, materials, and finally gemstones and precious metals. My work includes only one of a kind to limited edition designs, and I never create mass quantities of anything. Sometimes I come across a bargain of gemstone beads which I cannot get again. The work you see is also limited in that way.
     I have built my business over the years to the point that I joined several shopping networks to showcase my work. This has enabled me to stop traveling and start concentrating on more creative and artistic work again. I am not sure how far I will go but my artistic spirit is always coming up with something new and original.

My Process: I sketch my pieces first, but sometimes I don't and use what I have to inspire me. I use themes from nature, ethnic motifs, symbols, and sometimes just abstract concepts. It depends on the materials, what they mean to me and what they might mean to the collector.
     I usually begin by assembling materials around me. I work on a small table, and as I look at what I have I soon find something to do with them. I work primarily in Sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire, precious and semi-precious stones, crystal, and other materials. I am always looking for rare and hard to get materials to use in my creations. I started with beads, so I naturally gravitate toward using them.
     I match colors depending on their chromatic bases, cool colors and hot colors separately. I rarely use contrasting colors. It seems that loud and garish are no longer popular, so I mostly work monchromatic.
     I have taught myself several different disciplines over the years: wire-wrapping, enameling, repousee' and hammering, bead embroidery. The days of ornate and filigree work are waning. I find that simple pieces work best, so my beadwork is simple. This minimalist approach is to my taste, but I have found lately that it is to most collectors' tastes as well. I may be tempted to steer away from it but at the base it is what I do.

If you have any questions, just email me.
Thanks for your interest!

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